hello my name is mai & im 15 years old from australia
i want to be an artist and my art tag is here if you follow me expecting a quality blog u are wrong
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Melkor / Morgoth Bauglir

and Grond >:3 Ah,his helmet is wrong btw -  no central thorn

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Dior Eluchil (Cover Illustration) by daLomacchi

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lord of the rings meme: character(s) you wish were included in the movies
“elladan and elrohir were out upon errantry: for they rode often far afield with the rangers of the north, forgetting never their mother’s torment in the dens of the orcs.”

"Only you could accomplish such art, Celebrimbor…."
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor [X]


pokemon breeders rise for your national anthem

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IT’S FINALLY DONE. This was quite the undertaking, but I hope it was worth it! This was a commission for Sresla!

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religion: nicki minaj touching and being touched by girls

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make me choosebuymevideogames asked: Isabela or Morrigan?

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Morning in Prague by Markus Grunau